Monthly Specials

We will better any of our opposition's prices on any job we can handle in our factory, but let's be sure we're quoting on a comparable job. Please ask the other printers if they will match our quality.

Bright Ideas

Foil: To make your colour brochure something out of the ordinary, why not add a little metallic foil. Foiling can be used as a highlight. You will certainly stand out from the crowd. Talk to us about our ideas on this.

Varnish: Varnish that colour brochure or presentation folder. Machine varnish comes in either gloss, satin or matt finishes. It will eliminate fingermarking on heavily printed areas and certainly changes the feel of the job. UV (ultraviolet) varnish is a lot more expensive, but it will certainly highlight those photographs. Talk to us about our ideas on this.

Celloglazing: Celloglazing is a very fine clear plastic laminate, on one or both sides of your print job. It gives a different look and feel to the job. It's not expensive and adds durability whilst also eliminating soiling. Talk to us about our ideas on this.

Die Cut: Die cutting a presentation folder, business card or brochure will add interest. You can cut in any shape you wish. Let your mind run wild. Talk to us about our ideas on this.

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